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To ensure that we deliver quality construction, we follow a few simple steps to manage your construction project.


We meet with you to determine your needs, wants and style for your new home.  We review your budget and  your ideas to see if they coincide.  We provide information and offer suggestions to help you make decisions.  We will give you a timeframe and high level plan for moving forward with your project.


If you already have land for your new home, we will help to determine orientation, elevations, views, access and utility accessibility.  Looking for a location?  We can help.


At this point we enter into the design phase and begin drafting floorplans and elevations.  We use professional engineering to ensure that the design will meet guidelines.  We will need complete plans in order to get bids and cost estimates.


From the plans, elevations and your input, we can now arrive at a reasonable estimate on the cost of building your new home.  Once you have approved the estimate, we develop the construction agreement.


The construction agreement includes your decisions on plumbing, electrical, windows, and doors, interior and exterior finishes. cabinetry, woodwork, trim, fixtures, floors and more.  It is important to coordinate your choices with your budget.  We will guide you through this process.  The agreement will document costs, features and warranty.


Your bank or lending institution will need the construction agreement which will include plans, specifications, allowances and payment schedule.  They will guide you on how to take a monthly draws for progress payments during the build phase.


The moment has arrived for the ground breaking of your new home!  Relax and let us make your dream a reality.  You can expect frequent communication and anytime you have a question or concern, contact us.


Changes can still be made during the build phase, however the steps in this process are designed to minimize the impact of change.  Any changes to the plans and specifications will be documented and need approval from both the builder and the buyer.


Congratulations on your new  home!  It is exciting to get settled and begin making memories with your family.  It is very important to keep up with the maintenance of your home to keep it beautiful and functioning properly throughout the seasons.  Our warranty covers workmanship and materials used in the construction of your home.  If you should have any issues with your home, contact us. 

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